A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Wholesale Hoodies for Your Online Shop

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Finding a reliable wholesaler that supplies quality apparel is one of the most important first steps in starting a retail business. The clothing you choose to resell to customers is the foundation of your brand’s reputation. You want to ensure you find the best clothes at the best price. 

Many new businesses start with classic wholesale options like premium tees and hoodies because of their broad appeal. These pieces are versatile, easy to customize and work great for printing. Establishing a relationship with a reliable wholesaler like Bella + Canvas is essential for having a consistent inventory of quality fleece hoodies, tanks, and tees. 

Buying wholesale hoodies and other apparel for your business can initially seem perplexing. Where do you start? Here is a guide on what to buy and how to find the perfect wholesaler for your brand.  

What is buying wholesale?

Wholesaling is buying goods in bulk at a discounted price and reselling those goods at a higher price to consumers. As a result, retail businesses need to buy wholesale products to profit. 

Buying wholesale hoodies for your business saves money and adds value to your brand. In addition, you can find unique products that aren’t available to the average consumer. Buying hoodies in bulk also means you have a solid inventory that makes production faster.   

Why is the hoodie so popular?

Streetwear has become mainstream in the fashion world and is here to stay. Hoodies are a popular investment for brands because they sell. Customers of all ages and genders love buying hoodies, so having them as part of your retail business is almost a guaranteed income stream.

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People love hoodies because they’re versatile, comfy pieces that are easy to style and customize. The kangaroo pockets make them practical. In addition, the hood can protect you from the elements. Plus, some designer hoodies have elevated the simple piece into high-end couture. 

Including hoodies as part of your retail business is brilliant, so you want to find wholesale hoodies from a trusted supplier. 

Choose the best hoodies for your online shop

Finding the right products for your brand takes time. Therefore, don’t simply go for the cheapest hoodie option out there. Instead, choose products that will elevate your brand and satisfy your customer’s needs. Even if you pay a little more, higher-quality hoodies add value for your customers and pay off in the long run. 

Choose wholesale hoodies that will attract the kind of customer you want. Pullovers made with poly fleece and cotton blend are a great option because they’re super soft, sturdy, and comfortable. 

Also, consider the cut and style of hoodie you want in your online shop. Drop-shoulder styles give your product a more modern, relaxed look. A raglan style is excellent for a more classic vibe. Finally, think about if you want different fashions for men and women or if you want to use unisex hoodies.  

Printing on wholesale hoodies

Hoodies are popular among retailers and brands because they’re a perfect blank canvas. 

Wholesale hoodies comprise a poly-cotton or fleece blend. These fabrics lend themselves very well to printing and make it easy to print your brand or design onto a wholesale hoodie.

Ringspun cotton and poly fleece blends are great for direct-to-garment printing and screenprinting. This blend absorbs printing ink to give you detailed, crisp prints with minimal color bleed. 

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Where do you purchase hoodies wholesale?

There are a variety of different wholesalers where you can buy hoodies. You can purchase apparel from 

  • Retailers: Purchases goods from the manufacturer and resells to retailers at a slight markup. 
  • Merchant wholesalers: Purchases goods from the manufacturer and resells to retailers and consumers.
  • Manufacturers: Produces goods and sells directly to retailers, cutting out any wholesaler middlemen. 

It’s generally a good idea to buy directly from the manufacturer or a merchant wholesaler because prices are lower. Merchant wholesalers are a last resort. These wholesalers are your competition because they sell direct to consumers. 

When researching where to buy wholesale pullover hoodies, look for a vendor that provides the highest quality at the best price. Consumer standards are rising; many shoppers want quality, ethically made hoodies. Choosing a wholesaler with the best quality materials and appropriate cuts will build customer trust for your brand. 

More and more wholesalers are focusing on U.S.-made products that are environmentally conscious. 

Build a relationship with your wholesaler

So, you’ve set your budget, decided on an apparel product, and researched the desired wholesaler. Now it’s time to make your first wholesale purchase. 

Put your best foot forward when reaching out and establishing a business relationship with a new wholesaler. Be the type of customer you like dealing with in your own business. 

    • Pay on time: Bulk orders can get pricey, but remember that it’s an investment in your brand. Pay your wholesaler on time, and they will trust you as a reliable customer. If you pay on time consistently, some wholesalers are willing to be flexible with payment schedules down the line. 
    • Communicate: Courtesy, friendliness, and straightforwardness will go a long way. Be open with consistent two-way communication so your wholesaler gets to know your company. Don’t only get in touch when something goes wrong. 
  • Discounts and special offers: It never hurts to ask for any discounts available. Wholesalers want to keep great clients, so they may offer a discount if asked. If you establish a long-standing relationship, your wholesaler may even offer you early access to new products down the line. 
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Wholesalers are essential business partners that can make or break your retail brand. Therefore, once you find the perfect vendor for your wholesale hoodies and other apparel, keep them. It’s good for business.