Creative Mind Games to Surprise Your Kid on Their Special Day

Kids need special attention to be themselves. Some extra love can let them work wonders. Interesting activities and creative games enhance their cognitive functioning and let them resolve and detangle their disputes with ease.
Aside from that, such kids are supremely talented when it comes to learning and schooling. It boosts the brain to work faster & helps in concentration. The plus point is, these days, kids stick to the screens and spend hours and hours in front of the television. It’s not just severely affects the vision but triggers negative emotions and overthinking in kids. Making them tech-friendly is not harmful but engaging them in activities and gaming amplifies their skills and abilities and leaves a positive impact on kids.
By giving them these excellent creative games, you can make them happy on their big day.

Lego Toys

One of the valuable and interesting toy sets is Lego. Playing with Lego can be incredibly useful in many ways. First of all, most of the time, kids assemble these bricks with family and friends, and working in a group makes them communicate better. It also teaches them to know how to collaborate and resolves the dispute. Lego is an Australian store working its best in the toy industry. You can grab a set for your kiddos as they have a massive range of Lego sets. For an affordable purchase, you can redeem Lego promo code. So, this birthday gift your little munchkin a majestic Lego set of their favorite cartoon character or movie.

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Solving Puzzles

Playing and learning simultaneously is a great opportunity for kids. Solving jigsaw puzzles improves perseverance and problem-solving skill. If talking about toddlers, it’s a marvelous play set as it not only develops the brain’s stability but is highly effective for physical strength as well. The reason is that picking up puzzle pieces, wriggling, and moving them helps them to establish finger strength.
Puzzle-solving enables to development of an idea, planning, and execution skills in kids effectively.
You can make it more fun by purchasing thematic puzzles as per the choice of your kids. It’s a common nature of kids if they see things of their choice, they love to make most out of it. You may find it hard to develop your child’s interest in puzzles and games when he/she is more into watching and playing on smartphones. But, playing with them can make their interest in it.

Board games

Board games are like constant brain buzzing. It grasps the entire attention, and the player indulges in it deeply. Fascinating colors, playing with strategies, and group playing is what people like the most about board games. These mind games are pretty mundane, but over the passage of time, they are becoming obsolete. So, these games seem to be a perfect fit to bring them to life and colors. Besides improving mental capabilities, it gives a medium to spend quality time with friends and family & making memories.
These days younger generation is busy making connections and networking on social media and running far far away from reality. So, it would be a great pick for kids to surprise.

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Well, your kid probably knows about scrabble. It is available in the market for many names. Word hunt, word puzzles, and so on are the alternate names of it. It’s the most interesting creative game yet. Finding new words, making and breaking words are exciting and fun. Undeniably, it improves language skills, increases vocab power, and lets your munchkins know more about language. If you are meant to gift scrabble as a gift, you can make it appealing by wrapping it up nicely with chocolates or their favorite muffins.
A different version of scrabble is available on the market so that you can grab one of your languages, and it’s all done.


As you gift it to your kids, they’ll be shocked at once because it’s an old game but still a masterpiece. It’s available in both physical form and online. But, it would be better to grab a handy physical one instead of downloading it on smartphones. The game is simple, a square box is sectionalized into various square boxes. Half of the boxes were filled by numbers & one had to fill the other half, but what’s the catch?
The number shouldn’t be repeated in the same row & same column. Gift your kiddos to surprise them & see if they resolve it easily or not.

In the end

All of the above-stated creative games can be played without using smartphones, which would be a plus for the kids of this generation. Moreover, almost every game that has been mentioned is available to download on smartphones, but using hands to operate and play the games would be most effective. So, on this birthday, let your kids wonder how they can play with these sorts of games.

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