5 Best Free Webinar Software for your online events

Webinar Software

Webinars have become an indispensable part of several industries. Be it top educational institutions to business companies, organizations have been hosting webinars for quite some time now. The reason for the popularity of webinars is the fact that they are too convenient. Also, they can be set up quickly. Moreover, they serve multiple purposes simultaneously. You can host webinars to engage with the audience, deliver a keynote session, and in fact disseminate knowledge and information on a certain topic.

Though webinars have become a common topic now, there are still a few organizers who struggle with choosing the right webinar platform. It is reasonable also, as there are a plethora of options available. It makes it challenging for them to trust one platform over another. However, this is when the organizers can rely on platforms that are free and don’t charge anything to host webinars. Here, we have listed a few names of free webinar platforms that you can use to host immersive and engaging webinars.

1. Mixhubb:

Mixhubb is one of the best online platforms that will allow you to deliver extraordinary webinars to your audience. It is a 3D online platform that you can use to execute your ideas that are closer to reality. Not only this, but since Mixhubb is a self-managed platform, you get the power to control your webinar from start to finish. Moreover, being a customizable platform, you can design your webinars according to your brand goals and event objectives.

This feature gives you the power to align your webinar with your objectives and requirements. It means there is no restriction, and it gives you multiple opportunities to expand the branding of your organization. In addition, Mixhubb also comes with several audience engagement tools that ensure that the audience stays hooked to the webinar till the end. With this, Mixhubb provides its users with the best networking tools, allowing attendees to connect and boosting the interactivity of the webinar.

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2. GoToWebinar:

If you will look around, several global organizations that are hosting webinars rely on this platform for the same. It is one of the most reliable names that you can count on to plan and host exclusive webinars. With this platform, you get to stream your webinar in HD quality. Not only this, it comes with excellent round-the-clock customer support, making it one of the most reliable platforms out there. Moreover, if you want to measure the success of your webinar or analyze how impactful your strategies have been, you can rely on the live analytics functionality of this platform. In addition, this platform comes with several audience engagement tools like live polls and surveys that allow the organizers to keep the audience engaged in the webinar. Also, these features enable the attendees to express their viewpoints and boost interactivity in the webinar.

3. Livestorm:

The next name on the list of the best free webinars is Livestorm. Considered one of the most ideal platforms for sales and product demos, Livestorm allows the organizers to host webinars up to any scale and size of the audience. Since it is a multi-device accessible platform, your attendees can join the webinar from any device of their choice. This feature allows you to expand your audience reach exponentially. Not only this, Livestorm allows you to send promotional emails. Also, you can automate them and even personalize them according to your event and brand requirements. To keep your audience engaged throughout the webinar and for you to maintain consistent audience engagement rates, it provides you with top-notch audience engagement tools such as live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, etc.

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4. Airmeet:

Airmeet is one of the most noteworthy virtual event platforms that enables its users to host exclusive webinars. It is one of the most user-friendly platforms, and you can host hassle-free webinars with Airmeet. Also, to help you expand your brand and audience reach, Airmeet comes with the best sponsorship opportunities. Not only this, Airmeet comes with top networking and interactivity features such as Networking Tables. The attendees can connect with professionals and make long-lasting connections with this feature. With its free version, the organizers can set up events and webinars for up to 100 attendees. One of the most prominent features of this platform is that it is suitable for all kinds of events and organizations. Hence, no matter how big or small your event or organization is, you can always rely on Airmeet to host webinars.

5. BigMarker:

One of the most extensive and engaging platforms to let you host the best events and webinars is BigMarker. With this platform, you can host events and webinars for up to 10,000 attendees with unlimited presenters. BigMarker is a multi-device accessible platform; it means the attendees can attend the webinar or event from any device of their choice. Not only this, BigMarker lets the speakers share their screens to deliver the content effectively.

The list of the platforms we have shared above is top 5 platforms that can let you host free yet unforgettable and noteworthy webinars. You can rely on any of these platforms and deliver exclusive experiences.