Tips to Make the Most Out of a Social Media Live Stream

This world is dominated by social media, and the scene is going to remain the same for the coming few years. Where every other person and brand has their presence on social media, you cannot afford to stay back, especially in times of neck and neck competition.

However, here we have come with a guide to help you stay a step ahead of your competitors and host fun and engaging live streaming events.

  1. Promote Effectively: If you want to make sure that your live video reaches the maximum audience, the first thing you should do is promote it effectively. The reason is very simple; no matter how efficiently you have planned the stream, or which prominent speakers will be joining your live stream, everything comes down to the number of attendees at your live stream. What is the point of inviting the most influential person on your live stream if you failed to have enough people on the platform? Hence, when it comes to the promotion of your live stream, leave no stone unturned and make use of all the strategies that you can for the effective branding of your upcoming live stream. Spreading the word about your live stream will make people aware of the stream and the interested audience will plan their schedules accordingly.
  2. Schedule it Carefully: Another important factor that you should consider in order to make your stream stand apart is to schedule it carefully. Many streamers and organizers overlook this particular factor thinking it won’t create much difference. However, this factor can cause you the success of your stream. Hence, while scheduling your stream, make sure you go through your calendars and then pick a suitable time and date. The ocean of social media is vast than your imagination; the time you choose will clash with somebody else’s live stream. You need to ensure that people choose your stream over theirs.
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Go through the statistics, research about the most appropriate timings for your facebook live streaming, and then schedule your stream.

  1. Collaborate:  Another expert tip to conduct a successful stream is collaborating with influencers, celebrities, and experts. Inviting some famous faces over your live stream will help you expand your brand reach. A joint live session will make you visible in front of their followers, and what better than having a famous face on your brand? Having prominent faces for your live session will attract other audiences to your brand also.
  2. Keep the Agenda Clear: Another thing you need to take into account in order to make your live stream a hit is keeping your audience updated with the stream. The thing with live streams on social media is the audience keeps joining it midway throughout the stream. Hence, when you see a new badge of people joining in, reintroduce yourself, the subject of the stream, and your brand. Along with it, you can pin a comment, your brand’s logo, or any other important information so that people don’t miss out on anything.
  3. Engage With the Audience: One of the most important reasons people prefer attending physical events instead of virtual meetings is because they feel that such events are not effective when it comes to interaction. They feel the screens act as barriers between them and the hosts. However, keeping this in mind, there are several platforms that come with tools that make sure the engagement rate remains intact. Apart from that, the hosts should also ensure to keep their attendees engaged. Interact with them through the live chat box, revert to their questions, acknowledge their presence, and consider other factors to keep them hooked to the live stream.
  4. Practice: You must have heard, ‘practice makes a man perfect, and rightly so. Even if it is going to take place on your social media channel, the live stream is going to represent your brand and is significant for its image. And when it comes to your brand’s reputation, you wouldn’t want things to go wrong. Hence, practice before your Instagram live streaming. It will help you go through the in and outs of the entire platform once. Not only this, it will assure that you can manage effectively, even if things go wrong during the live stream.
  5. Use Good Quality Equipment: If you want to leave a good impression on your guests and the audience, make sure you use good quality equipment. If you are using your mobile phone for the stream, make sure you use a tripod to ensure the stability of the live video. Go a step further by using a standalone webcam for high-quality video. Use a decent quality microphone for clear audio quality. Also, make sure the internet connection you are connected with is properly.
  6. Keep the Session Short: There is a very major and prominent difference between an in-person and a virtual event. Where you can keep your sessions long in regular events, you need to keep them short and crisp. There are several reasons to support this, one is ‘Zoom Fatigue’. Hence, we suggest you to avoid delivering irrelevant content just for the sake of it. The ideal length of a live streaming session is 20 minutes. Try to wrap up your session in this duration. There is no point in stretching it for hours; your audience will lose interest in the live.
  7. Make the Session Interesting: Remember even if you are not able to see the faces of your audience, they are still there and they are listening to your entire session. Therefore, you should make sure they are finding it interesting. To assure that what you can do is try to add funny and interesting elements to keep the attention of your audience intact. Make use of jokes, quotes, and other elements to keep the vibe of your entire session lively and fun.
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Using these tips will help you make the most of your social media live stream and stay way ahead of the rest of the market.