Top reasons to get PDF manipulation tools!

PDF manipulation
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A very common query asked by many readers is whether they need to get PDF tools or not. Well if you are not a PDF user then you certainly don’t need PDF related tools but if you are a heavy user of PDF then you need to make sure that you have the best PDF converter and editing tools. Now there are many free and paid PDF relevant tools that you can use to manipulate your files. Now in this post we have discussed some of the common reasons as for why you need online PDF converter tools for your files.

PDF converters can make the files editable

One of the most important reasons as for why PDF converters are required is because they aren’t editable. The main feature of the PDF format is that they cannot be edited or accessed. Now this is considered to be a pro of this format but some people consider this as a con. There can be many reasons as to why you might need to edit a PDF file. Because of these reasons you need to use the PDF converter tools. PDF converters can help you change the file to MS Word format which is editable. Modern converter tools can change PDF to bitmap, word, PPT, Excel, HTML and other common sources.

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PDF converters can help you go paperless

An important reason as for why you should use the PDF converter tools is because they can help you go paperless with your files. If you want to create a personal or commercial e-filing system then you need to make sure that you try the PDF converters. PDF converters cannot only change the format of the PDF documents but they can also help you extract important text from the file. You can save important information on a PDF file in an effective way with the help of these tools. If you try to save information manually from a PDF file then you would have to type it down. This process is both time taking and effort consuming. By using converter tools you can save a lot of your time and efforts.

PDF editors can help you add/remove information from your docs

PDF today is being used as a DE FACTO standard and you can see that it is being used in multiple industries and by almost every country across the world. Here you should know that having the digital PDF editor tools can help you add or remove information from a file. You can improve your workflow with the help of these digital tools.

You can easily merge PDF files into one folder

If you are heavily using PDF files then you can face a lot of issues in managing PDF files. Today you have online PDF merger tools that can help you merge multiple documents in one go. You must know that PDF merger tools are very easy to use. You just have to input the different files in the upload box of the tool and press the ‘merge’ button. In less than seconds you can easily combine multiple documents in one folder. You can easily manage this one folder instead of managing and storing different files.

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PDF tools can help you compress the size of large documents

A common issue that you would face while using PDF files is that of their size. You must know that large PDF files can be very annoying for a user. These files cannot be read, opened, uploaded or shared on any platform. In the past there was no such way of reducing the size of PDF files. The only known way was to manually create a new file after removing all necessary elements. But today you can take help from the online PDF compressor tools. PDF compressor tools are the cloud based utilities that can help you shrink the size of your large files in less than seconds. All you have to do is enter the large PDF file in the compressor tool and press the ‘reduce file size’ button. In a matter of seconds the tool is going to reduce the size of the PDF file and make it manageable for you.

You can easily lock PDF files with online tools

Another reason as for why you need to use the PDF related tools is that they can help you lock PDF files. You must know that most PDF files contain confidential information. Now it is important that you protect this information from unauthorized people. The best way to protect this information is by encrypting the PDF file. You can easily lock the PDF files by using the best PDF lock tools. You simply need to enter the PDF file in the tool and set the pin code. This is the quickest and easiest way of saving your PDF files.

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PDF tools are generally free to use

A common reason for why people refrain from using PDF tools is that they might be paid. Well it is true that you can find paid PDF tools on the web but at the same time you must know that it is not important to use paid tools. You can find dozens of PDF converters and other manipulation tools that can be used for free. You can find free PDF tools on different well reputed sites. These tools are not only free but are also very easy to use. Even a lay person can understand how to use them without putting any effort.

PDF tools provide extravagant features

You should use PDF tools because of the features they offer. These tools are easy to use and provide best quality services. Free PDF tools can help you manipulate not only a single but also a complete batch of files. Other than conversion, compression, and editing you can also use the tools for text extractions, page extractions, and other customizations.

These are some of the reasons as to why you need to use digital PDF tools!