What Are The 10 Latest Technology Trends?


Are you a tech nerd? Do you always keep yourself updated with new trends in technology?

The world of technology is a constantly changing field. So it can be a bit tough to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Technology today is changing at a fast pace, evolving faster than you think. If you want technological inventions and innovations, choosing the best creative technology agency can help you to create physical & virtual immersive real-world spaces that are impactful and interactive.

And for professionals in the IT world, it is very crucial for them to know the mechanics and the technological background of every creative innovation. Two things go hand in hand that is the Technical and economic development.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the major technological trends that are going on in 2022.

The latest technological trends are

If you are interested in the world of technology, then these are a few trends that you should know.

1.    HyperAutomation

HyperAutomation is a new technology that requires the use of many other technologies, such as AI, Machine learning, and Automation technology such as Robotic Process Automation(RPA), altogether used in the automation of many other business processes.

Do you know, in a matter of a few years, Artificial Intelligence and data science and humans will have equal rights? But it is already happening; a very popular example of this is Sophia. If you are interested in technology, then you would definitely know about Sophia.

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Sophia is an AI-powered humanoid robot. She has the power to have her own emotions and thoughts and can speak and see. She was given legal citizenship in Saudi Arabia in 2017.

2.  Cybersecurity

Cybercrimes are one of the most important security threats in the world right now. One major example was the hacking of the Twitter account of the US President to get Bitcoins.

The cyber threat caused serious damage of about $6 trillion in the year 2021 alone, which caused history as the single biggest economic loss.

Hence, in the next 4-5 years, cyber security is expected to increase in the health sector. In the year 2025, cybersecurity is to rise by $125 billion.

3.    Full Stack Development

In the last 2 years, the usage of the internet has increased by about 70%, according to Forbes. This has created a roadway for lots of online businesses in the future.

Full-stack development is going to become the next big thing in the tech world.

Even the Whitehouse is recruiting full-stack developers for website coding. The average salary for a full stack developer in India is about 8lacs per annum.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain is a word known by someone who is not even from the tech world. Normally the term blockchain is used to just cryptocurrencies. According to a global survey conducted by Delloite, 45% of disruptors are already brought by blockchain to production.

Blockchain now is important in various industries such as Health, Insurance, Finance, and a lot more. Even games are also using blockchain.

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5. Snowflake

Known as a cloud-based data warehouse, Snowflake has the capability to pull out a wide range of services, software, and computing platforms. Snowflake has a customer base of more than 4900, and among them, 212 of them are Fortune 500.

A snowflake Datawarehouse Engineer usually earns about 15lacs per annum in India alone, and it is much more in the US per year.

6.  Edge Computing

Edge computing is a way of capturing, processing, analyzing, and storing data near a client. Here the data is then generated then the data-processing warehouse is centralized.

IDC forecasted that in a global market, edge computing would reach revenue of about $250 billion by 2024. The salary of cloud engineers is quite high in India as well as in the US.

7. Internet Behaviors

Internet Behavior known as loB, also known as the behavioral data analysis gathered from IOT that are the devices around us. This is a type of marketing that aims towards targeting the exact person at the right time and the right product.

Devices like Alexa, and google homepod, and every other smartphone are an example of loT devices. The need to learn IOT is very important nowadays.

8.  Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a type of data analytics that is aimed at making predictions about the future outcomes that are based on historical data and analytic techniques, which are statistical modeling, business intelligence, and machine learning.

The field of data science is about to grow by about 28%, according to Forbes, by the year 2026.  And it is predicted that by the year 2025, predictive analytics is going to be used by about 70% of the organizations.

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9. DevOps

Devops is a kind of mindset that is used for molding IT processes and organizational structures, which is used to promote

  • Business value
  • Software quality
  • Continuous improvement

To achieve the Devops principles, Netflix has created a program called the Simian Army. By using the same principle in Devops, the data engineering workflow and the machine learning workflow is also automated.

10.  AI as a service

AI as a service was introduced to the world to simplify and to be made available to everyone. At this point, everyone can use AI by all without even buying the actual expensive software.

AI is a service that is going to be very important, widely popular, and available in the technology industry right now.


Technology is one of the most important things that are changing the world right now. So keeping yourself updated with the world of technology is very important. The role of information technology in environment has a huge impact on sustainability.