Why Pre Order Magento 2 Extension is Must for Your Store?

The success of any business is determined by the number of sales they make. In any business, mainly eCommerce, the last thing you want is to miss a sale due to the unavailability of the product in stock. But it is natural to run low on supply for various reasons when running a business. Irrespective of the reason, you want your customer to come back and purchase when the product is available. Magento 2 Pre Order Extension is your answer in such a situation.

There are other benefits that Magento 2 pre-order provides, like keeping your customers engaged, knowing the trend of purchases by the consumers, and eventually increasing your revenue.

Though the pre-order feature has become quite popular in the eCommerce world, some store owners are apprehensive about purchasing the pre-order extension offered by Magento 2. If you are one of those, then continue reading, and hopefully, it will help you understand why pre-order extension Magento 2 is a must for your store.

What is Magento 2 Pre Order?

Before we get into the benefits that the pre-order extension of Magento 2 offers, here is a quick overview of the module.

Pre-order by a customer involves purchasing or ordering a product not available in the store to be shipped. At times, it is possible the item has not been produced, but as a store owner, you know it will sell like hot cake once it hits the market.

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An example where pre-order is often witnessed is for new iPhones.

The Pre-order feature primarily sells a product that you do not have as a store owner. Pre-ordering in eCommerce is a valuable tool for sales. The feature allows the business owner to charge the customer a partial or complete payment to reserve the product.

So how does Magento 2 pre-order work? Well, the functionality of it is similar. When a store owner uses the Magento 2 extension, the customer will make the payment to block the item. In return, they will receive a confirmation of the booking of the item, and once the product is available, they will receive a notification by email. If there is a partial payment for the item, the customer must pay for the rest of the pre-order. Then the item will be shipped to the customer.

What are Some Reasons Why you Should have Magento 2 Pre-Order Extension?

The Pre-Order feature of Magento 2 is not a default functionality. Instead, it needs to be added to the platform. But in the case of a store owner, if you are wondering whether you need that, maybe the advantages it offers to you and your customers can help you get over the hump of making the right decision.

The Advantage for Store Owners

There are quite a few advantages of the Magento 2 backorder extension. Some of them are:

Sales Increase

You can expand the product offering without investing in the inventory, increasing the sales by finding the products your customer wants warrants maximizing your revenue.

Enhance the Cash Flow

The pre-ordering feature is especially beneficial to improve the business cash flow. Since in most cases, the product is still under manufacture or in the packaging stage when pre-orders are taken. With the payment made by the customer, you can cover the transportation cost for the order without having to shell the money from your pocket.

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Predict Product Demand Trend

With the feature, you order only a limited quantity of the product, so you do not end up with dead stock; hence you do not waste money. Furthermore, limited pre-order allows you to understand the products in demand. The added advantage of the module is it can help you in identifying a product that incurs higher interest than you have anticipated.

Boost SEO

When you offer products that are not available in the market and put them on your website, it can increase your ranking on the search engines. Compared to your competitors, you are better positioned when the product is launched.

Advantage for Customers

A pre-order feature offered by Magento 2 is especially beneficial for customers because it guarantees they will get the product when it is available in your store. When a product is in high demand or is produced in small quantities, it becomes impossible for the customer to buy it the usual way. The Magento 2 backorder extension is the perfect solution in such a case.

The Top 3 Magento 2 Pre-order Extension

The Pre-order Magento 2 extension benefits both the store owner and the customer. But with so many extension providers in the market, finding the right one can be challenging. It can take a while to test and find the best tool, but we can help. Consider any of the following pre-order extension providers. They all have their benefits.

1. MageAnts

One of the best and most experienced Magento 2 service providers in the market. The Magento 2 Pre-Order extension offered by MageAnts allows:

  • Your customer to pre-order upcoming and out-of-stock products
  • You to run an effective store order management
  • You to display custom notes and messages for pre-ordered products on both product display pages and shopping cart
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A well-known Magento extension provider in the market. Their pre-order extension offers:

  • Backorder for out-of-stock products
  • Customize message underneath the pre-order button to inform customers when the stock will be available.
  • Can be optimized for the mobile version of the store

3. CedCommerce

CedCommerce has been offering affordable eCommerce solutions for over a decade. With their pre-order module.

  • Store owners can easily view the quantity required for an out-of-stock product. Thus, they can place orders for only that many items.
  • Store owners can accept partial or complete advance payment for the item that is out of stock
  • The pre-order facility is available for simple, grouped, configurable bundle products.

Bottom Line

We hope you can avail the advantages of the Magento 2 Pre Order extension for your store. There are many extensions available online that can help you serve your customers in a better way.