Why Use A CDN For Streaming Video?

Streaming Video

With the increasing demand of online video content delivery, video content delivery networks (CDNs) are skyrocketing with it. The major reason for this increasing need is latency-free delivery of high-quality video experiences, which results in businesses opting for built-in CDN streaming solutions. 

What Is CDN?

CDN is defined as a server platform that distributes the video content over wide geographical locations, minimising the web page loading delays. It reduces the virtual distance between the viewer and the server, reducing the latency and pushing faster loading content online.

Whenever a user requests a content, the nearby server responds with the content instead of the original server by loading the cache of the original server content. This helps in reducing the traffic on the origin, and improves the video quality and viewing experience. Therefore, it becomes a win-win for both the producers and users.

CDNs are essential to distribute the content worldwide in a faster and efficient manner, including 4K and HD-quality videos, audio, streaming, fames, apps, and much more. Let’s understand why one should use a CDN for delivering video content. 

Why Use A CDN for Video Streaming?

CDNs improve your viewers’ experience of content viewing, which improves your business growth. There are various benefits of using CDNs convincing for opting a good CDN for video streaming.

Improved Scalability

With the CDN in place, you can stream your content faster to a huge range of viewers. It also accommodates unexpected traffic spikes in the network, and handles different viral viewerships which escalates your video streaming service.

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Enhanced Video Quality

Since CDNs use multiple source servers to deliver content worldwide, it provides optimum video quality due to reduced lagging and delays in downloading. This allows CDN to bypass overloading traffic in between, leading to faster and improved streaming experiences.

Improved Performance

The CDNs help bring your content closer to the viewers by caching the source content in PoPs. This helps in reducing the latency and data loss, improving the website loading speed and traffic. 


When you stream content through CDN, it prevents the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, occurring because of various breaching attempts in the network system. By switching over with multiple access points, CDN can enhance the reliability of the platform. 

Improved Security

There are also security benefits with using CDN for video content delivery, as with increasing digital exposure the threats have also increased. For this, CDN stores your information securely by caching the content with an encrypted and authenticated system. 

Huge Availability

CDN helps in reaching your viewers without any geographical boundaries or reaches. For the excess of user traffic, CDN helps in distributing the content load to other PoPs which prevents origin server outages. This ensures content availability always. 

Increased Conversions with Less Abandonments

Previously, apart from the UI/UX of the website the latency of the content loading decided the bounce rate of viewers. CDN reduces the bounce rates by minimising loading time, providing better experience, with reduced abandonment and increased user conversions. 

Final Thoughts

CDNs provide a seamless viewing experience with reliable, faster, and secure content distribution. While streaming huge video files across far distances is challenging for many businesses. With an advanced video CDN, like one provided by Gumlet, you can increase your subscriber count, ensure better growth, and grab higher revenue.

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