A Guide to Hiring the Perfect Amazon Virtual Assistant

Managing an Amazon store involves many complex tasks that are different from your core product-selling operations. Trying to do all these tasks on your own may hamper the store operations, resulting in a loss of sales. That is why hiring an expert Amazon virtual assistant is a unanimous suggestion. But where and how can you find the best virtual assistant for Amazon stores? This article will guide you on the steps involved in hiring the best Amazon virtual assistant. It will also inform you on how to analyze suitable Amazon virtual assistant services.

Amazon store management is a complex job. Particularly when you are more focussed on product manufacturing and other core operations essential to run your business. In such a scenario, hiring amazon virtual assistants can be a smart solution to streamline the whole business management.

But, the process of finding suitable virtual assistants for Amazon and understanding their job responsibilities is a subject that confuses many entrepreneurs. Handing over your eCommerce store to an unskilled VA can result in serious loss to your Amazon store and waste your time and money. This article will guide you on the exact process that you can follow to engage the right Amazon virtual assistant services.

What Can an Amazon VA Do for You?

Hiring Amazon virtual assistants can help with better administration of offline and onsite tasks. A remotely working Amazon assistant can carry out the following responsibilities:

●  Product Listing and Optimization

The virtual assistant will be responsible for basic tasks like listing your products on Amazon, creating descriptions, and other required details. A VA will also take up the task of optimizing this listing for better searchability. These tasks are crucial for the growth of your Amazon store, and they affect your sales directly. Managing them yourself can have a price.

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● Product Image Editing

Your remotely working assistants can also look after the product image editing tasks. Experienced Amazon VAs are skilled in editing images as per the market trend and e-store requirements; this attracts your buyer’s attention and helps you grab the deals.

●  Keyword Research

You can expect your Amazon virtual assistants to do keyword research for your online store. Utilizing the right keywords will give you an edge over competitors and improve your searchability.

● Inventory Management

Amazon has its set of guidelines for stock management, depending on the type of your seller account. Handling your inventory with core operations can result in mismanagement issues. Acquainted with Amazon’s requirements, a VA can easily manage your stock keeping your store afloat.

● Processing Orders and Tracking

Hiccups in order processing and shipment tracking are taken seriously by buyers. It can dent your Amazon store’s image in no time. Virtual assistants are skilled in managing these operations for your Amazon store. They will help your buyers track orders after looking after their successful processing. A VA can also manage the refund and returns for your consumers.

● Product Reviews

Amazon sellers struggle to get reviews. While buyers rely on positive reviews or rather authentic feedback to analyze a product, they are mostly reluctant to give the same. Whether positive or negative, reviews establish your Amazon store authenticity; they are required for its success.

● Competitor Analysis

Amazon virtual assistants are experts in analyzing your competitors. They can study your competition to find and compare the differences and loopholes that can help strategize your online store’s operation. Due to the heavy competition on Amazon, keeping a tab on counterparts and studying their moves is important.

● Market Research

Great business strategies are based on extensive research. But, it takes a lot of time and expertise to study your market properly. Amazon virtual assistants can do this for you, helping you better place your product in the market.

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●  Ad Management

Virtual assistants will manage your advertising operations. They can run your search ads or headline ads as per need. It will help you build the brand or increase sales as per the market trend.

Where Can You Find an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Amazon vendors that decide to engage virtual assistants can find suitable candidates through the following options:

➔ Amazon Virtual Assistant Services

Companies that provide VA services have skilled agents that can take care of your Amazon store’s every requirement. They have the needed infrastructure and advanced technology to manage the operations of an online store. They are a prioritized suggestion as they follow agency standards, have duly trained VAs, and are equipped with resources.

Sellers can find these agencies through web-search or business directories and check their websites and experience.

➔ Independent Contractors

Freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, People per Hour, and Fiverr are good options for finding independent workers with experience managing Amazon stores as virtual assistants.

Sellers need to post their requirements on these platforms and review their responses. Many of these platforms have a set prerequisite to joining as a freelancer to prevent fake candidates and build a credible remote working environment. Still, as an Amazon seller, you may have to go through several ineligible applications.

➔ Referrals

Amazon Vendors can utilize professional networks and social media accounts to post requirements of a virtual assistant. You might find a good reference with the required work experience and skills through your known contacts. This will also make the hiring of Amazon virtual assistants more reliable.

Key Attributes of Amazon Virtual Assistant Services

As an Amazon seller, you should know what kind of virtual assistant will fit your online store’s requirements. It’s important for you to manage operations in a way that does not affect the overhead costs and keep the daily tasks managed. Here are a few traits that are needed for perfect Amazon virtual assistant services:

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➔ Work Experience

Amazon sellers should check the past work experience of a VA service provider company, its history, and the team’s background. It is quite possible that your Amazon shop deals with a particular market niche. It is important to analyze whether the Amazon virtual assistant service provider has experience working in that area.

Looking at the history of a virtual assistant agency, you can conclude its serviceability. Depending on how many clients they retained, how varied their work experience is, and what types of operations they have handled will clear the picture for you.

By reviewing your VA service provider’s team’s qualifications, you can analyze their capability.

➔ Customizable Plans

The plans offered by Amazon virtual assistant should meet your needs. It should fit your bill, charging and providing you the services you require rather than pre-set plans.

➔ Infrastructure Support

A virtual assistant should be equipped with all the advanced tools and technology to provide a competent service. You can inquire about the infrastructure and technology support from your VA service provider before choosing to hand over your operations.

Online store operations like product image editing, shipment tracking, and customer support need perfect technology to keep the system rolling. Lack of proper infra-support may give your competitors an edge.

➔ Cost-Effective

In e-commerce, particularly in highly competitive markets like Amazon, the profit margin is crucial. You should be able to calibrate your investments and the returns they would help you earn.

Before engaging a VA, it is advisable to compare the costs against services and its effect on your Amazon store’s sales growth. Low returns will demotivate you and create an imbalance that will affect your online store’s core operations.

Visualize a growth plan and discuss it with your Amazon virtual assistant to create a concluding work plan. This will help you gain a cost-effective deal.

In Conclusion

Hiring Amazon virtual assistants can be a boon for your e-commerce business, provided you strategize and analyze every step. The key to finding and engaging a suitable virtual assistant lies in understanding your needs and defining what you expect an Amazon VA to do for you.

Hopefully, this article will guide you to the perfect virtual assistant for your Amazon store.

Author Bio- Mike Wilsonn is a content strategist at SunTec India with a specialization in eCommerce and Amazon PPC. He has 5+ years of experience as a B2B content creator and has written numerous informative pieces to help sellers make sense of the continuously evolving eCommerce landscape.