Apps can Supercharge Your Writing in the Upcoming Year

Writing is fun for someone, but it can be a challenge for others. Hence, it depends on the passion of a writer to write. Since every good writer has some qualities and characteristics in writing. So, it makes them superior to the rest. Significantly, writing is a way of showing your expression to people. However, it reflects your mental thinking and reveals your ideas.

Therefore, whatever you have in mind, you can put it down on paper. Subsequently, it eases your worries and relaxes your burden.

Hence, writing comes from practice. Therefore, it is an excellent profession for newcomers to jump into the field and pursue their careers. However, becoming a writer is easier nowadays, but succeeding is difficult. Therefore, it is a challenging job for amateur writers to find success earlier. They have to work hard and make attempt to write a piece of content that readers appreciate and admire. Since many writers have their specialized niche in which they can write better. Therefore, it can be anything like fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, short story, or a novel. However, this is a new prevailing trend among writers nowadays. Today, writers have a broad scope of earning and publishing their drafts to various Professional Mobile App Development Services. Hence, it can promote and launch its books in the market.

Hence, writing is a field that needs time. Therefore, you need to invest your time, money, and resources to become a good writer. So, it requires you to stay wake up at night and brainstorm ideas. However, many writers get stuck with writers’ block. They do not have many creative thoughts in their minds and need to take external help to finish their book on time. Technology assists writers in editing and proofreading their draft content before publishing once. Since it improves the quality of content and fixes all grammatical mistakes.

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Following apps can supercharge your writing in the upcoming year:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is a commonly used tool for writers all around the world. It is generally known as MS word or just word. Word fulfills the need for writers and allows them to write as much as they can. It gives them a robust and reliable platform to produce their piece draft and showcase it to the readers. MS Word comes with a multitude of features and functionalities. It offers built-in features of insert, draw, design, layout, references, mailing, review, view, and help. These categories contain sub-categories that provide ease to writers. It is the oldest and the most genuine mobile app development platform for seasoned and amateur writers to show their talent.

Google Docs

Google has always a stiff competition with Microsoft. It seeks an opportunity to compete and outshine Microsoft products in the consumer market. Google introduced the online version of the word processor document known as Google Docs. It is similar to Microsoft in every means and helps writers in creating and editing their content draft. Google offers a free-of-cost and online version of written documents to save your docs online. Google Docs provides a sense of ease to writers and saves them from hassles. It is an easily available tool for desktop, web, and mobile-friendly responsive features. Google Docs is available in hundreds of languages for customers.


The trend for Grammarly is rising nowadays. It is a free and paid tool for customers. Companies like book writing lane use this tool for writing and editing their drafts. Choosing the premium version gives writers the complete features to avail for them. It helps rectify the grammatical mistakes that happen in the process of writing. Many writers keep on writing and do not interrupt their consistent and speedy flow of writing.

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Grammarly offers excellent features to writers. It improves the quick writing flow. The tool indicates the small and big blunders in the writing and shows a red or a green mark underlining the content. Grammarly tool is good for producing original content and making it perfect and immaculate for the readers. It shows the grammatical errors including sentence structure, spelling, prepositions, articles, and punctuations.

Hemingway App

It is an excellent app for improving the level of content for writers. The quality of content increases by using this app. Hemingway app is a famous tool in the market. It is popular for its grade levels. The tool describes the actual caliber of your writing. It enhances the readability and makes your writing readable to the target audience.

According to the Hemingway app, you need to write simple words and sentences to show the clarity of your content. It allows writers to beautify and organize their content with bold and italic fonts. They can create their headings and subheadings with h1, h2, h3, and so on. Moreover, writers can include quotes, links, bullet points, and numbers to add value and demand to the content.

Readable I/O

Readable I/O is a worthwhile tool that receives your input and shows your output of content. It is an ideal tool for increasing the readability of your content. This tool helps simplify the complexity of words and sentences. It improves the quality of content and helps readers to read clearly. Readable I/O shows the average word and sentence length of the writers. It helps writers not exceed their limits and write concisely. The tool works with multiple readability score platforms to enhance the value of content for the readers. It adds clarity and transparency to the writing.

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Yoast SEO Content Analysis

Yoast is a trendy app nowadays. Most companies and individuals use this tool to better analyze their content. It gives them an excellent idea of their content. Yoast is a remarkable tool for SEO and content. It combines both and enhances the worth of content. Writers can also add SEO elements to their content to make it search-friendly. They can include meta titles, descriptions, h1, and keywords in their piece of writing. It shortens the sentences and promotes the Flesch kin card readability ease tool to improve the level of content. Flesch score is an excellent factor to enhance the level of content. It provides the accurate grade and scores of your content draft.


The use of Copyscape is mainly for checking the authenticity and originality of content. It shows plagiarism and detects the chances of copying from other website sources. The best way is to write an original that shows a remarkable result for your business. It requires monthly subscription charges for installing and activating this app on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablets. People use the free and paid version of the Copyscape app to check their plagiarism. It indicates the copied sources from where people borrow their content. It helps develop an excellent habit of producing genuine content for the audience.


Hence, in a nutshell, these mentioned above are powerful apps that can supercharge your writing in the upcoming year. Apps today are available with all technical resources that help improves the quality and style of writing. They speed up the process of writing and finish a book in less time. The demand for apps is rising among businesses in the market. People use apps for easing their writing chores. They improve the performance of their writing and enhance the quality.