Top 10 Programming Languages For Video Game Development

Video Game Development

Programming language is a set of instructions written in any specific language used by programmers to communicate with computers. To create video games you have to deal with various programming languages. Basically, game developers use numerous programming languages, sometimes more than one. But, which programming languages are best for video game development? The right language depends on the game project, what features and functions you need in the language to have, and your experience as a programmer.

In this article, we are going to count the top 10 programming languages for video game development. So, you can pick the right one when you are going to create your 2D or 3D video game. Let’s know the best programming language that gives shape to the video game. 

Best Programming Languages Used for Video Game Development

Video game development is a complex process requiring programming languages to create the game code that makes games function and create innovative and interactive features. Here are the top programming languages that are used for video game development. 


C# is the most commonly used programming language for video game development. This language has an XNA framework, which is a set of multiple tools and runtime environments by Microsoft, which makes it best suitable for games on the Xbox or windows. It is the perfect language if you want to use monogamy to distribute the game on virtually any kind of platform. 


It is an object-oriented language and has an identity as one of the most difficult languages to learn but is counted as the best video game development language. C++ offers direct control over the hardware and graphical processes. It is counted as the most popular game language for most game engines. It also gives you control over the various parameters and memory management, which helps you to develop gamer-centric games. There are various features and functions in video games that are developed by using C++ language.


Java is the best programming language for game development because it uses the same OOP principle utilized by C++ but provides you with a broader range of systems to play for. Java codes basically run on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and translate into bytecodes, which can be executed on any system. So, we can say java is the best programming language that enables developers to develop video games for any given system. Due to its security and features, java is used in most games. 


Javascript makes it easier to integrate the codes with traditional web technologies like HTML and CSS and leads you to develop an increasing number of cross-platform mobile games. That’s why it is counted as the best programming language for 3d game development. Due to its fruitful and interactive features, it has become the best of game developers. 


HTML 5 is the most common programming language for the web and most of the mobile games you play today utilize this markup language. Basically, it is used to create a sophisticated web-based game, with a collaboration of JavaScript. This is very easy to learn and you have no need to go through complex programming algorithms. That’s why it has become the best option for game developers for game development. 


SQL is known as a structured query language and is used for back-end database work so players can access their accounts and do other activities on the server. So, SQL is dedicated to back-end development. Various languages, libraries, and frameworks, especially AR, VR, graphics, and gameplay, help to create an interactive video game. 


Python also uses OOP concepts, and is known as the easiest-to-use and most versatile programming language and is loved by video game developers. It uses the Pygame framework and allows developers to develop their games at a rapid pace. Pythons have become the best programming language for video game development. 


Rust is known as one of the successors of the C language. At first, It was a systems programming language by the Mozilla foundation. Rust has an object-oriented to a data-oriented approach which helps in video game development. 


It is a native scripting language that is used in the Unreal engine. It combines complex features of OOP and multiple inheritances and fueled games. UnrealScript language supports all major gaming platforms like Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, Playstation VR, and many more. It helps you to enrich your video games with advanced and innovative game features so your game can stand out in the game world. That’s why it is counted as the best programming language for game development.


Due to its simple language structure and syntax, it has become one of the best demanding and used programming languages for the gaming world. Lua is a multi-platform scripting language and various modern game engines use Lua as their primary game design programming language.

Final Word

After reading this article you can easily know the top 10 programming languages that are used for video game development. To create a video game multiple languages are used and there are also various game engines for video game development. As the whole world is inclining toward video games, then there is a huge scope for video games. By introducing your own video game, you can also fill this gap and can make huge money. To launch your own video game, you can also take the help of developers and game development companies that will help you to hone your game features. 

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