Top Shopify Development Companies in 2022

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Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce development platforms, at present.

  • Over 20% market share
  • More than 7 million merchants
  • Used by nearly 2300 million active websites
  • With a whopping revenue of $2.10 billion in 2021

There is no doubt why a business would choose Shopify. It gets the job done in record time, creates growth opportunities, and makes management & monitoring easier.

But, the doubt seeps in when choosing a Shopify development company.

Ease your journey to that answer with this review of the top ten Shopify eCommerce development services providers (In the USA, India, and across other major regions.)

Who Is The Best Shopify Developer?

As per our comprehensive analysis, here is a list of the top Shopify design and development firms.


  1. SunTec India
  2. TechnoScore
  3. Sunrise Integration
  4. Dotlogics
  5. Spiral Scout
  6. Bonsai Media Group
  7. PB+J
  8. Pivofy
  9. Mobikasa
  10. Unity Group


Top 10 Shopify Development Company Reviews

I shortlisted every Shopify web development company in this list by the following parameters.

  • Company location
  • Regional prices
  • Industry experience
  • Resource pool strength
  • Quality of work
  • Average hourly rate for development
  • Minimum project size & requirement
  • Client testimonials

Remember- this list isn’t exhaustive.

Before choosing a Shopify development company, inquire about any particular development requirements you may have.

1. SunTec India (5.0)

The top contender- SunTec India – is a blanket deal.

Here, you can hire Shopify developers in India for-

  • Store development
  • UI/UX design
  • Theme development
  • Product integration
  • Platform migration
  • Backend configuration
  • POS development
  • Data protection
  • Content creation & management
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Customer support services

This is a high-end Shopify web development company. Therefore, you can expect project-wise NDAs, dedicated resources, 24*7 support, and money-back guarantees.

Experience 20+ Years Founded In 1999 Avg. Rate /Hour <$25
Location Delhi, India Employee 1000+ Min. Project Size $1000+
Top Clients: Nielsen, Dalmia, Bose, Honda, Pepsico, DreamWorks

Why Is SunTec India at the top of this list?

  • Very budget-friendly
  • 6 stars on Clutch
  • Flexibility to scale
  • Complete control to client
Can Someone Run My Shopify Store?


You can hire a Shopify development company to run your eStore. Look for vendors who offer Shopify development services and specialize in merchant solutions.

This is a cost-effective approach that can help your business in many ways.

➔   Quick results

➔   Easy implementations

➔   Constant technical support

➔   Dedicated assistance

➔   Choice of customization

➔   Time effective

➔   High-quality outcomes

➔   Minimal monitoring required


2. TechnoScore (4.9)

As a technology-oriented service provider, TechnoScore offers two critical benefits.

  1. A sound, rich infrastructure to implement all types of Shopify development services
  2. A dedicated team of Shopify experts

That, combined with its experience and prices, make up a good deal.

Experience 16+ Years Founded In 2006 Avg. Rate /Hour $25-$50
Location Delhi, India Employee 250-1000 Min. Project Size $1000+
Top Clients: Dentsu, Berlitz, Pearson, Encyclopedia Britannica, Nielsen

What do we like about TechnoScore?

  • Affordable
  • Versatile technology support
  • Easy team scaling
  • Multiple choices to hire Shopify developers

3. Sunrise Integration (4.9)

Sunrise Integration is a popular SaaS provider. It specializes in custom software development.

Its service offerings include the following.

  • API Integration
  • eCommerce Services
  • App Development
  • SaaS Programming
  • Data Migration
  • Data Integration
  • CRM & ERP Data Exchange
  • User Experience Design
  • Shipping & Logistics
Experience 20+ Years Founded In 1999 Avg. Rate /Hour $150-$200
Location LA, California Employee 50-100 Min. Project Size $10000+
Top Clients: Live Nation, DHL, QUAY, Pitney Bowes, FreshBooks

Its Shopify website development services and app support comes with hosting assistance, API integration, SDK, POS app development, etc. That justifies the slightly higher price range.

4. Dotlogics (4.8)

Dotlogics provides cross-domain custom software development services. Its service range includes the following in addition to Shopify eCommerce development services.

  • Web Design
  • Web Content
  • Web Development
    • Shopify
    • Magento
    • WordPress
    • Customized
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Mobile App Development

Despite its selective range of services, I recommend Dotlogic for its hyper-personalized approach to development.

Experience 15 Years Founded In 2007 Avg. Rate /Hour $100-$150
Location New York Employee 50-100 Min. Project Size Not Specific
Top Clients: McDonald’s, DDC, Gardenia, Brown University, Unilever (Clear)


Which Is Better: Amazon Or Shopify?

Amazon presents terrific opportunities for small-scale sellers. However, for highly customized B2C sales & marketing, Shopify is the better choice.

Shopify Amazon
➔   Powerful eCommerce tools

➔   Better brand identity building

➔   Specialized eCommerce platform

➔   Easy to use

➔   More design flexibility

➔   Access to a vast audience

➔   Complete support for inventory, orders, shipping, packing, etc.

➔   Easy to use

➔   Cheaper in comparison

➔   Monthly fee+costs of extensions, integrations, & apps

➔   The responsibility for using Shopify for sales and marketing falls on the business.

➔   Constantly multiplying competition

➔   Requires niche market and customer-specific strategy to succeed on Amazon

5. Spiral Scout (4.8)

Spiral Scout is a twelve-year-old offshore consulting company.

Despite being relatively younger, this Shopify web development company has mastered the art of quickly creating teams that resonate with particular client requirements.

Experience 12 Years Founded In 2010 Avg. Rate /Hour $50-$99
Location San Francisco, California Employee ~250 Min. Project Size $10000+
Top Clients: Adobe, Zoom, Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble, SoFi

Its service range includes design and development for eCommerce, educational technology solutions, & business automation. Custom eCommerce development is one of its specialties, backed up by a diverse team of Shopify experts.

6. Bonsai Media Group (4.5)

Bonsai is one of the few in this list (others being SunTec India and TechnoScore) that offer a truly 360-degree service opportunity.

They will

  1. Build your Shopify website
  2. Market it to a target audience
  3. Create a data-backed workflow to enhance brand value

All in a single service package!

The Shopify website development services of this company are accompanied by numerous others, as listed here.

  • Customized eCommerce development
  • Shopify custom theme development
  • Web & mobile app development
  • eCommerce marketing & advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Brand design
  • Creative services (content, videos, images, etc.)
Experience 13 Years Founded In 2009 Avg. Rate /Hour $150-$200
Location Seattle, WA Employee ~50 Min. Project Size $25000+
Top Clients: Amazon Careers, DoubleChekk, PLAN Washington, Impinj

7. PB+J (4.7)

PB+J is not a Shopify development company. However, this digital agency has made notable waves within the industry for exceptional Shopify designs.

Its website is a wonderful example of the same.

The drawback: You can’t expect 360-degree eCommerce design & development from PB+J. Its primary service areas include

  • Brand building
  • Website performance
  • Digital strategies
  • UX/UI design (particularly well for Shopify)

What makes PB+J an excellent Shopify design company is its unique approach to brand-oriented web & app design & aligned customer experience creation.

Experience 11 Years Founded In 2011 Avg. Rate /Hour $150-$200
Location Toronto, Ontario Employee ~50 Min. Project Size $25000+
Top Clients: Harvard Business School, Marriott Hotels, Aria Vent, Distil


How Much Does It Cost To Build A Professional Shopify Store?

The cost of upfront Shopify design and development depends on:

➔   Feature type

➔   Feature number

➔   Visual design customization

➔   Development platform (for mobile & web apps)

➔   Development timeline

➔   Complexity

➔   Analysis & testing cycles

➔   Resource’s rates

The average cost of Shopify development can fall between $3000 to $10000.

8. Pivofy (4.7)

Pivofy is relatively new in the market. It has limited resources. And yet, it has built success stories with Shopify Plus for many businesses.

  • A Shopify Plus partner
  • Best for small and medium enterprises
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Advanced eCommerce automation support
Experience 8 Years Founded In 2014 Avg. Rate /Hour $150-$200
Location Chicago, Illinois Employee 10-15 Min. Project Size $25000+
Top Clients: EnaStat, Fluid, SupCase, Vosges, Mata Traders

9. Mobikasa (4.7)

This Shopify development company is budget-friendly. It also dabbles in many service areas apart from it. But it is particularly noted for iOS and Android app development.

Experience 11 Years Founded In 2011 Avg. Rate /Hour $25-$50
Location New York Employee 150+ Min. Project Size $10000+
Top Clients: Nokia, Maurice Lacroix, Versace, Holland & Sherry

10. Unity Group (4.8)

The Unity Group has the right experience and cost constraints. It performs particularly well on projects like the following.

  • Kentico-based implementations
  • IT systems integrations
  • Master data management
  • eCommerce solutions development

We recommend the Shopify development services of this company because of their immaculate customization capabilities and consistent outcomes.

Experience 20+ Years Founded In 1997 Avg. Rate /Hour $50-$99
Location Wroclaw, Poland Employee 350+ Min. Project Size $25000+
Top Clients: Baxter, Volkswagen, Leroy Merlin, PPG Industries

Choose A Shopify Development Company Wisely

As a business, you would have expectations from any Shopify development services provider. This is an investment, after all. Therefore, it should have an ROI.

These top ten Shopify development company reviews should help you easily pick the right one.

But, regardless of your choice, when the consultation for your project starts, discuss everything in detail, communicate your short and long-term goals, and interview the resources for better impact.

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