What are the skills to look for while hiring an iOS developer?

iOS is undoubtedly one of the best operating systems as is evident by its humungous market in the entire world. While Android leads the list in being the topmost used operating system around the globe, iOS seconds that.

The higher demand for Android can be subjectively attributed to the price range of its products and the size of the market of the same. These days it is more of an exhibitionism to own iOS devices. As much as it gives a kick to the youngsters to flash their iPhones, the operating system really is at par with others in the market. With devices, come the applications, which are a significant part of our day-to-day lives in these times.

The market of iOS apps also speaks for itself, standing as the second-largest app store with 1.6 million available apps as of the 3rd quarter of the year 2022. In March 2023, the number of apps added to the Apple app store accounted for about 31.5 thousand. The market of iOS is expanding each day with the world modernizing and globalization being apparent in full swing. This clearly leads us to what we are here to talk about- iOS developers.

With applications becoming a major part of our lives, iOS developers are a lot in demand. iOS has been known to become the most preferred platform for app development. Not to forget, the ease of app development, rich development experience, substantial resources, excellent user interface, and overall minimalist yet generous experience of app development is what attracts the developers to hone their skills in iOS development. But we do understand that hiring an iOS developer could be difficult with such skyrocketing competition out there. We have got you covered with these tips on what to look for in an iOS developer.

What is the cause of the rise in demand for iOS developers?

As mentioned earlier, this era is of flaunting one’s best possessions and the company has done backbreaking work for years to get itself an image where everyone wishes to own an Apple device someday, at least. Now that people are moving towards the finest products in the market which they like to collect and boast in a crowd, the demand for iOS apps and thus, iOS developers has also shot up recently.

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Why hiring an iOS developer is beneficial to your company?

Now that the market is expanding each day, people would need their devices to be able to grab whatever Android users are able to access. If you’re planning to launch an app for your business, which, by the way, is an excellent thought and the need of the hour in this digital era, you need to make sure that your app reaches a larger population. Your app shall not be limited to a certain population. It is not fair for both, your business, and the iOS users. Thus, it is necessary that you consider the development of an iOS app.

What skills to look for in an iOS developer?

Technical skills

Adept with Swift 3.0: swift is the programming language in which all iOS programs are written and coded. The language is specially designed by Apple to give its developers a rich and smooth experience in creating any program using it. It has a comprehensible syntax that goes a long way in building custom apps for businesses like yours. Thus, your iOS developer should be adept in latest version of this language, that is, Swift 3.0.

Swift programming language is quick and stable, permitting any iOS designer to create responsive and rich iOS applications rapidly. Also, it is open-source and speedy to learn.

Xcode IDE experience: apart from Swift, to hire an iOS developer, you also need to check if the person has enough experience using Xcode IDE for when your app will need debugging programming, automation, etc. Even though all this might a bit technical for someone entirely infused in business and entrepreneurship, to hire an iOS developer, all these bits of information are crucial for your app to be effective.

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An Integrated Development Environment renders the development and deployment process the ease that leads it to the top. Moreover, the cost of development is reduced if you use an IDE for your app development procedure. Thus, it is a win-win for your business.

Core data: another important skill based on which you can judge the efficiency of an iOS developer is the knowledge of core data. Core data is essentially a framework that allows developers to seamlessly build data-driven applications. These days, these applications are much in demand. Thus, if you think that your business might need one, you shall look for someone adept in core data development skills as well.

Thus, when syncing across multiple devices with a single iCloud account, the mirroring of schema with Core Data happens automatically to a CloudKit container. In order to create applications that are focused on the customer, businesses need to hire iOS developers who are familiar with how to use Core Data.

Memory management skills: the iOS developer that you’re about to hire should know how to use hardware to manage stored data on your device. Each app will have to save some data on your device ultimately. Thus, the use of integrated RAM storage on the device is crucial to be considered.

Hence, data is temporarily stored by the primary RAM system that is integrated into an iPhone or iPad. This allocated memory is determined dynamically by the operating system of the device. Because iOS devices have limited memory resources, managing this memory is very important. If this aspect is not set right, the app can crash and data can be lost at any stage of the development and even after deployment of the app.

Testing skills: if you’re contemplating the development of an app for your business, you should know the importance of testing in an app development procedure. Even though everything is going right and by the books in the process, it is crucial for any developer to put each stage at testing. Thus, a developer who is adept with the testing process of different stages and the app as a whole should be preferred. This can ensure that no major issues occur by the end of the deployment and launching process. testing at each stage will lead to a smooth development of the app.

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UI/UX:  now that the world is being run on aesthetics and appearances, app development also has a major chunk of designing and creativity included in it. Your developer shall not be limited to a boring, techy thought process. He/she should be a little creative in the head to give your app the makeover that attracts a lot of users.

It is not a secret anymore that an app’s UI and UX are crucial to its design. While UI deals with appearance, UX incorporates route, marking, ease of use, and so forth. If you want to make applications that look good, you should hire iOS developers who are familiar with design principles.

Spatial reasoning ability: the developer shall be able to effectively comprehend the purpose ad vision of the app ad the business so as to build something that is in line with the requirement of the business owner. The app should reflect whatever there is in the mind of the owner.

Nontechnical skills

While app development is a very technical process, it still needs the person who’s indulging in the process to have some social and personal skills that make the pursuits outside of the development process smooth.

  • The person shall have good communication skills so as to convey his/her ideas and understand efficiently what the business owner expects.
  • Creativity is another important skill that will ensure your app doesn’t look boring or monotonous in the hands of its end users.
  • Critical thinking for whenever there’s an issue that requires quick thinking and decision-making.
  • The person should be able to adapt to the environment that the business is providing. Being rigid and not flexible is going to cause conflicts of choices and differences during the development process.

While iOS is ruling in e digital world at this point, what makes its experience more preferable is the work that goes behind all those apps and features on the operating system.  Any business owner stepping into the digital world should definitely consider going all out on the iOS system as well. The skills required for any business to bloom while on the iOS system have been mentioned above in detail.