Popular AngularJS frameworks to consider for App development

Grabbing the user’s attention has become the topmost priority for businesses planning to develop an app or a website. Despite providing good content, you will not be able to attract your users to use your product unless you fill them with attractive designs and unique graphics. 

To get the best User-Interfaces, web development companies resort to front-end frameworks, which provide the much-needed features and simple-to-use UIs that can attract your user’s attention. Among all other front-end frameworks present, we will discuss here the AngularJS Framework.

Angular JS – At a Glance

A Javascript-based open-source frontend framework, Angular JS was designed by Google and made its first appearance in 2010. It is mainly used to build highly dynamic single-page applications and works on M-V-V-M (Model-View-View-Model) architecture that not only produces efficient results but also saves time. 

AngularJS is a simple-to-use and beginner-friendly framework that any novice developer can use for their development. It is well-maintained and frequently updated by the community backed by Google. With AngularJS’s extensibility feature and best-inbuilt libraries, you can keep exceeding your demands without worrying about the framework’s capacity. 

The data binding and dependency injection feature of Angular lets you write fewer codes by removing unnecessary ones that you would otherwise have to transcribe. This takes place inside the browser, hence making it effective with any server technology.

Here, we have curated a list of AngularJS frameworks that you can use for your next project.

AngularJS Frameworks to Consider for App Development

Ionic Framework

Ionic is a cross-platform open-source software development kit (SDK) used to create hybrid mobile and web applications. It is a widely preferred AngularJS framework. It is optimized along with AngularJS libraries that support HTML app development and offer rich CSS3 user interfaces. 

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Ionic framework uses web technologies like HTML5, SASS, CSS to build dynamic and hybrid apps that can run both on iOS and Android platforms. You can also use the ‘ionic creator’ that lets developers build apps by just using the drag and drop feature according to the project requirements. 

This can be the best fit if you are looking to hire angularjs developer for a project that needs speed and efficient performance. As this framework has numerous Angular directives and components, it helps in building user-friendly mobile applications based on AngularJS. 

Angular UI Bootstrap

Bootstrap is regarded as one of the best open source front-end frameworks for web app development. It powers the native AngularJS directives and makes Angular UI Bootstrap, which is one of the finest tools for development. 

Directly employing Bootstrap in Angular projects may bring jQuery in the scene that can hamper your project. Thus, Angular UI Bootstrap comes as a savior for those developers who are willing to use Bootstrap in Angular projects. This also reduces the size of the framework, i.e., approximately 20KB when gzipped. 

Angular UI Bootstrap consists of HTML and design templates based on CSS that provides BootStraps like Alert, Drop-down, Collapse, and Carousel. Other components in UI Bootstrap include angular-touch, angular-animate, Bootstrap CSS, etc., that developers can use to create customized templates as per the requirements. 


LumX is a flexible and responsive frontend framework based on Google Material Design. The features of LumX allows developers to develop simple-to-use user interfaces as per the material design guiding principles laid out by Google. 

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Though LumX is based on Google’s principles and building web applications becomes an easy and faster process, it largely depends on Angular to help develop applications on MVC design pattern. 

LumX is built on SASS, Neat, Bourbon that exhibits attractive features and offers intuitive functionalities for building customized apps. The only downside of this framework is that it has poor documentation and some segments need proper explanation. 

Onsen UI

Onsen UI and Ionic framework are usually seen as a tough competitor of each other though Onsen UI is less popular than Ionic. Both the frameworks originated in the same year but Onsen UI stays one step ahead of Ionic when matched with AngularJS. 

Onsen UI is used for building both web as well as mobile applications unlike Ionic, which focuses only on app development. Onsen framework’s UI segment is made on a JavaScript-less User Interface CSS library known as ‘topcoat’, which makes it one of the fastest working frameworks. 

OnsenUI offers a fast and distinctive bootstrap UI and consists of efficient tools like Monaca IDE. It largely depends on third-party plugins, thus also supports AngularJS and jQuery. To talk about the downside, its community is relatively smaller and support is only provided through StackOverflow. 


The Supersonic UI framework, also known as agnostic framework, consists of Javascript, CSS, and web-based components that can be coupled with any popular framework for deriving best results. 

Supersonic, combined with AngularJS, helps make HTML apps simpler and easy-to-use.  Using web components, it helps extend the standard HTML syntax to build app navigation, tabs, and animations more exciting. 

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Any developer can use this to transcribe HTML components along with CSS elements or use elements that connect HTML to natural APIs. Supersonic works with AppGyver, hence most of the APIs may not run on mobile sites or Vanilla Cordova App.  

Angular Foundation

Last on this list, but definitely not the last one in Angular’s bucket, Angular Foundation consists of tweaked components of the foundation that adopts the AngularJS directives with HTML custom elements. 

One of the major advantages to mention about Angular Foundation is that it contains more semantic HTML components that help better designing of apps and websites. Some of those components are alert, accordion, drop-down, trigger, process-bar, popover, interchange, etc. 

It does not require any jQuery support and the conversion procedure is seamless and quick. The downsides are that it has only one-page documentation and the community is very small. 


When it comes to listing the popular web frameworks, AngularJS tops the list. Majority of businesses intending to build Single Page Applications resort to the AngularJS framework. 

AngularJS is always kept updated as one of the tech giants, Google backs it. Also, the community is quite active and always welcomes new ideas and discusses emerging developments. AngularJS has truly integrated into the modern development trends existing in the market. 

If this has motivated you enough to go for AngularJS, hire an AngularJS developer and start working on your project right now. 

Author Name:- Harikrishna Kundariya

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