Top 7 Common Reasons for Outlook PST File Corruption and Process for PST Fix

Outlook PST

The Microsoft Outlook application is one of the most important aspects of the email communication system. When Microsoft Outlook first entered the professional world, the popular web-based email platform such as Gmail was non-existent and server changes weren’t possible due to multiple restrictions. Over the past couple of decades, the email cline to Outlook has evolved as a productivity tool and one of the most important multipurpose email clients. Microsoft Outlook continues to thrive in the email client market as millions of users prefer using them for their business and other professional purposes.

Even though Microsoft Outlook is a great messaging and eye-catching application that dominates the email marketing world with millions of global users, there is one major flaw related to the Outlook data files, such as PST file corruption.

Most of the Microsoft Outlook issues are emerged due to the Outlook problems with the PST file that stores mailbox items such as attachments, emails, contacts, notes, calendar items, tasks, etc.

When the data file of the Outlook PST is inaccessible or damaged, it will cause various Outlook problems that will prevent the users from receiving or accessing their emails. Not to mention, it might also cause data loss. Here are some common reasons for Outlook PST file corruption. Usually, the PST file corruption is caused by software or hardware-related issues. But other factors will also cause this problem.

Oversizing or Large PST File Size

In the earlier Microsoft Outlook version, such as Outlook 2007 and 2003, the ANSI PST file size was recommended as 2GB. However, after various technological and software updates, Outlook 2010 started using a UNICODE PST file that breaks this recommended limit. This damaged the overall performance of Outlook. As a result, users started facing delays in accessing their email items. Not to mention, the process of sending or receiving emails has also slowed down.

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These are the early sign of PST file corruption. Therefore, you need to undergo the process of PST fix very carefully. As the size of the PST file will start growing after exceeding the limit, you will face inconsistency that will ultimately create errors and PST file corruption. If you want to prevent the oversizing PST file corruption problem, you need to clear junk email regularly. You can also use the Archive option.

Outlook or System Crash

Due to various hardware problems, Outlook or Windows might face crashes anytime. Apart from that, problems related to software as well as the operating system might also cause problems in Outlook. If the Outlook or system faces crashes during the working period, it will cause harm to the PST file. This will ultimately cause data loss. In some worst-case scenarios, if the crash is caused due to severe problems, you won’t be able to reboot the system. As a result, you will lose access to your email and all the important emails permanently.

This is the primary reason why you need to use moderate hardware configuration for your laptop or desktop. Make sure your system is running on updated software.

Abrupt Shutdown 

Just like the crash in the system, force shut down due to system freezing or abrupt shutdown due to power failure while the operational period of the Outlook might also cause massive problems to the PST file stores in your system. This is one of the most common reasons for PST file corruption. These events can also cause permanent damage to your PST file, leading to permanent data loss. You might also lose your access to the email.

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Even though you cannot do anything to prevent the abrupt shutdown from power failure, you can invest in UPS that will help you run your computer for a significant time. This way you will be able to safeguard your PST files.

Force Close Outlook

Microsoft Outlook might stop responding or freeze if the hardware of your system fails to run it. Additionally, if the hardware system is not capable of retrieving some mail items, you will also face problems. You might assume that force closing the Microsoft Outlook immediately through the task manager and restarting your system will solve this problem, but this is wrong. This is one of the greatest misconceptions that will jeopardize your Microsoft Outlook PST file. Force closing the outlook will undoubtedly cause problems in your PST file. Most of the time, it will cause PST file corruption.

Sometimes Outlook freezes due to its incapable of completing a task. Instead of force closing the Microsoft Outlook, make sure you wait until Outlook starts responding by itself.

You Use Faulty or Incompatible Plug-Ins

If you use faulty or incompatible plugins, you might end up causing massive problems in Outlook. You will face errors in sending or receiving emails. Not to mention, the irrelevant plugins will also degrade the performance of Outlook, damage the PST file recovery, and cause delays in the search results.

Therefore, make sure you don’t install or use any unreliable or third-party plugins.

Malware or Virus Intrusion

This is another common reason behind Outlook PST corruption. Malware and virus intrusion might occur if you access malicious email. Your Outlook will also be affected by a virus or Trojan if you receive spam emails in your inbox. If you use flash drives to transfer data and neglect the scanning process, the virus might also enter your system as well as in your Microsoft Outlook. The malware or virus can cause damages to the PST file. They can also harm the encrypted or sensitive data that will make the PST files inaccessible. As a result, you will lose all your access to the PST files. This is why experts recommend investing in paid antivirus. As per Forbes, the antivirus will prevent malware.

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Storage Drive Errors

Various errors in the storage media such as bad sectors or system issues will cause permanent or temporal damages to the PST file header. They might also harm some crucial parts stored in the sector. If the available storage is low, it will cause affect the PST file and develop massive Outlook errors. Your drive might crash or stop responding, which will make the system freeze and corrupt the PST files.


These are the top 7 reasons for PST file corruption. While using your Microsoft Outlook account, make sure you follow these procedures. This way you will be able to prevent PST file corruption problems. If you’re facing a PST file corruption problem, make sure you contact us and we will assist you right away.