The Latest Trends in Renewable Energy Innovation

Energy Innovation

Our need for eco-friendly energy sources is fuelling innovation in the renewable energy industry. Individuals, organizations, and governments are shifting towards green energy to reduce their carbon footprint. This shift includes several trends that are worth following.

In this blog, we will discuss seven renewable energy innovation trends that have the highest potential to mitigate climate change and global warming. Reading about these trends might give you an idea of how, as a business, you can contribute to the green industrial revolution.

Top 7 Renewable Energy Trends

1. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

The infrastructure of energy grids is very complex and needs real-time decision-making in a matter of milliseconds. Earlier, the systems were inefficient because the decision-making process used to prove as a bottleneck for the whole system.

Thanks to renewable energy innovation in the big data and artificial intelligence (AI) field, the systems can now enable efficient grid analytics and management. In addition to that, the innovation is also facilitating several energy applications that can predict grid capacity levels with precision.

2. Advanced Photovoltaics

Historically, the production of solar energy required a considerable surface area in the form of land. But solar companies are now adding Photovoltaic systems (PV systems) with all the aspects of our surroundings. This integration of PV systems has drastically reduced the requirement for land usage.

On top of this, many companies are also making thin-film cells so that solar panels can become more flexible and cost-effective. The latest designs of PV systems are now enabling improved efficiency of the entire solar panel.

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3. Distributed Energy Storage Systems

To manage the irregularity in the production process, distributed energy storage systems or DESS can now localize renewable energy storage and generation. Companies are now offering different types of battery-less and with-battery DESS solutions according to economic requirements.

Earlier, people used to have concerns about the environmental pollution and safety aspects of batteries. To answer this, many startups have innovated battery-less storage alternatives like compressed air and hydro technologies for power production.

4. Hydropower

The power generated with the help of moving water is more predictable than solar power or wind power. The only sources of hydropower used to be hydroelectric dams. But now, companies have devised cost-effective ocean-based hydro power solutions as well.

Renewable energy innovation in the hydropower industry mostly focuses on improving companies and energy converters to increase the efficiency of energy harvesting.

5. Wind Energy

Although the wind energy sector is not new, it evolves rapidly as compared to other renewable energy sectors. The previous wind energy production systems required land-based wind to generate energy. But now, companies have successfully devised efficient airborne and offshore wind turbines that have reduced the requirement for land-based wind energy.

6. Bioenergy

Bioenergy is trending again as the processes to remove sulfur and nitrogen content have become more cost-effective. Upgraded techniques such as membrane separation, hydrate, in-situ, and cryogenic can remove undesirable parts from fuels and reduce their carbon footprint.

7. Grid Integration

Grid integration has improved the efficiency of solar energy systems drastically. The grid integration technologies deploy distribution, transmission, and stabilization to make solar energy systems more energy efficient.Microcontroller-based solutions can now solve the problem of frequency and voltage fluctuation caused by variable solar energy generation. However, grid integration technologies are yet to completely solve the problem of grid stabilization due to the irregular usage of solar energy.

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Collaborate With Reputed Brands

Many large organizations are heading these trends by investing in renewable energy innovation. You too, can collaborate with a reputed electrical brand if you want to become a part of the green industrial revolution.